Unit S PC Cambox

Unit S PC Cambox has designed to injector spraying testing.
Performing complete and accurate test of multi-brand injectors and Pumps
New CAMBOX designed with 5 section original cam;

  • 1.cam VW
    2.cam Cummins
    3.cam Volvo-Iveco-Scania,
    4.cam MB Axor,Atego
    5.cam MB Actross,DAF, Mack, Renault

Test plans consist of 5 groups

  • Delphi Volvo group  (FH 12, 2 pin,4 pin)
  • Cummins & CAT & Detroit USA group
  • Siemens piezo (BKP)

**Please check the OPTIONAL tab below to see additional auxiliary tools for other models.

UNIT S PC CAMBOX - Unit Injector Test Bench

With fast assambly and easy adjustment also user friendly program enables tests and determinations to be achieved very quickly

Actuator valve measurement via BIP sensor and delay time(response time) measurements with follow oscillascope.
Easy and oil free change of cam with a special designed sliding plate.
Perfect angle reseting with 360 pulse encoder for each cam shafts. 
Dynamic electronic mass measurement for quatitiy.(OPTIONAL)
Trolley of the machine helps you slide the cambox to your own bench.
You can check the unit injectors such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, Delphi Euro 6 and injection system of Scania HPI (optional)
It contains test plans of most injector and pump types in the market. 
Software updates and test plans can be loaded with remote desktop free of charge.  
10 pieces adaptors is given free with the bench
** A traditional test bench must be used with this Simulator and cambox (min 7.5 kW)

Supply voltageAC 220 V
Min Required Motor Power11 Hp
Required Low Pressure Pressure1 – 8 bar
Required RPM of AC motor0-2000 rpm adjustable
Dimensions (L x H x W)1200x1550x500 mm
Weight180 Kg

 CAMBOX 125 (5 CAM)1 pcs shaft pusher 1st cam1 pcs shaft pusher 2nd cam1 pcs shaft pusher 3th cam1 pcs shaft pusher 4th cam1 pcs shaft pusher 5th cam1 pcs VW PDE 1 Type Inj. Test Adaptor1 pcs VW PDE2 Type Inj. Test Adaptor1 pcs EUI E1/E3 Inj. Test Adaptor1 pcs EUI Scania Type Inj Test Adaptor1 pcs EUI Iveco 8-10 Type Inj Test Adaptor1 pcs EUP Actross Type Pump Test Adaptor1 pcs EUP Axor/Atego Type Pump Test Adaptor1 pcs Celectt EUI Type Inj Test Adaptor1 pcs EUP Daf Pump Test Adaptor1 pcs Iveco/Volvo Type Inj Test Adaptor1 pcs Inj&pump Main Test Cable1 pcs Inj Main Test Cable1pcs 2 Pin Inj Test Cable1 pcs 4 Pin Inj Test Cable1 pcs EUI PKW Inj. Test Cable1 pcs EUP LKW pump test cable1 pcs Type Inj. Cable1 pcs Inj Test Cable1 pcs
 Inj – Pump Connection Screw Set (12 pcs)1 set
 Injector and Pump Spacer Set (6 pcs)1 set Injector for LKW Pumps1 pcs Fixture for calibration1 pcs Mono 85 mm10 pcs and Outlet hoses1 Set 6×2 mm 600 mm 14X141 pcs 100 cm1 pcs mm T type screw and 14 mm nut2 set VOLT Power Cable 3 Meter1 pcs USB Flash disk1 pcs