CR 1 PT Premium, Exact and fast CR injector   and pump TESTING
Performing complete and accurate test of multi-brand CR injectors and pump

CR injector testing;

  • Bosch
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Siemens VDO
  • CAT
  • Scania

Pump testing;

  • Bosch CP1-CP3-CP4
  • Delphi
  • Denso HP3
  • Siemens

** Please check the OPTIONAL tab below to see additional auxiliary tools for other models

CR 1 PT - Diesel Injector and Pump Test

CR1 PT has reduced setup and test times as well as user friendly operation menu. 
Sensitive flowmeters has capable to test injectors under 10 minutes in manual mode
Operation via 15,6″ touch screen monitor
Full automatic and manuel mode testing  provides certain and fast results.
Ergonomic design , wide range injector fixtured area ,
Easy setup with 90 degree fittings and 2500 bar Flexi pipes .

With loaded CR pump test plans you can test;

  • Efficienycy of flow
  • DRV or mprobe amperes and reaction
  • Internal pressure
  • Maximum pressure
  • Start pressure and plunger status

There are 7 groups and over 3800 different test values in database, so each group offers perfect testing for injector and pumps.
Software updates and test plans can be loaded with remote desktop free of charge.  

Supply voltageAC 380 (3P+N+GND)
Motor Power15 Hp
High pressure pump pressure0-2200 Bar
Low Pressure0,5 – 6 bar
RPM0-4000 rpm adjustable
Flow Sensor Filter20uM
Inj Flow Sensor Range0.1 – 500 cc /min
Pump Flow Sensor Range1-300 L/h
Dimensions (L x H x W)1350x1500x750 mm
Weight460 Kg
Oil Tank Capacity/Type20 lt (ISO 4113)
Power Output (duration)8 Kw

CodeDescriptionPieces Easy Fixture Apparatus2 pcs High Pressure (2500 Bar) Pipes1 pcs Dissamble Clamper1 pcs Piezo Inj Return Valve and Hoses1 pcs Inj. Backflow Fittings (6 types)1 set gap1 pcs Type Inj. Cable1 pcs PKW Type Inj. Cable1 pcs EU3 Type Inj Cable1 pcs EU5 Type Inj Cable1 pcs 1 Type Inj Cable1 pcs Type Inj Cable1 pcs Piezo Type Inj Cable1 pcs Inj Cable1 pcs

CodeDescriptionPieces – CP1K Inlet and Outlet Fittings1 set DFP1/DFP3 Type Connection Fixture1 set High Pressure (2500 Bar) Pipes 50cm1 pcs Easy Fixture Apparatus1 pcs PUMP INT. PRESSURE MEAS. DUMMY SET (8 pcs)1 Set CP4.1 Type Nuts1 pcs Type Pump Clamping Flange 70mm1 pcs Reduction Ring with Bearing 29mm1 pcs Reduction Ring 50mm1 pcs Type Pump Clamping Flange 107mm1 pcs Renault Type Connection Fixture1 pcs Wide Coupling Adaptor1 pcs Wide Coupling Adaptor1 pcs Wide Coupling Adaptor1 pcs Wide Coupling Adaptor1 pcs half cone 19mm1 pcs half cone 22mm1 pcs Dissamble Spanner1 pcs
 Pump Inlet and Outlet Hoses (12pcs)1 set

CodeDescriptionPieces Dissamble Clamper1 pcs Printer1 pcs USB Flash disk1 pcs
 Touchpen2 pcs and Mause set (Wireless)1 pcs