CRST 301 Stage 3 Calibration Tester

CRST 301 stage 3 calibration tester for BOSCH CRI 1.0 2.0, 2.1 2.2 CRIN and some DENSO type injectors.
You can calibrate 4 injector under 30 minute as fabrication standard.

These injectors need at 5 points adjustments  with digital gauges.

  • Magnet shim
  • Air gap shim under magnet.
  • Pilot adjustment from ball lift.
  • Opening pressure or Idle speed adjustment.
  • Needle lift adjustment.

* This product include only program  in package. You need to install it your own computer.

** Please check the OPTIONAL tab below to see additional auxiliary tools.

CRST 301 - Stage 3 Calibration Tester

Computer aided program includes  illustraded instructions to continue step by step .

You can check and compare the current rising time (CRT) and Mili henry values  between good injectors and solve the hard problems which test bench can not shows .

With serial number those  following data’s come automaticly;

  • Vehicle data·
  • 4  adjustment values·
  • 3 most important spare parts numbers·
  • 3 torq value pilot, magnet and nozzle holder.

There are 2 groups and over 500 different  serials in database, so each group offers perfect calibration for injectors

Software updates and test plans can be loaded with remote desktop free of charge.  

Please check the inculed accesories and tools  from the below tab.

CodeDescriptionPieces stage 3 mechanical stand1 pcs holder block1 pcs measurement needle for bosch1 pcs measurement needle for denso1 pcs measurement sleeve for denso inj1 pcs measurement sleeve for bosch pkw1 pcs measurement sleeve for bosch lkw1 pcs measurement digıtal dıal gauge 0.001 mm1 pcsıl aırgap measurement tool and dial gauge 0,01mm1 pcs aırgap measurement tool and dıal gauge 0,01mm1 pcs measurement tool and dıal gauge 0,01mm1 pcsıl sprıng measuremen tool and dıal gauge 0,01mm1 pcs manuel measurement tool and dıal gauge 0,01mm1 pcs shım measurement tool and dıal gauge 0,01mm1 pcs 302-B pulse sımulator1 pcs 1 type ınj cable1 pcs ınj cable1 pcs type ınj. Cable1 pcs pkw type ınj. Cable1 pcs bosch valve dısasmble tool1 pcs deep socket nr 291 pcs deep socket nr 301 pcsıal wrench tool nr 27/281 pcsısassamble tool for nozzle holder 18×81 pcs deep socket nr 141 pcs deep socket nr 151 pcs bit socket m101 pcs bit socket m121 pcs Dissamble clamper for Bosch Types1 pcs Dissamble set for denso Injectors1 pcs seal rıng ınstallatıon tool1 pcs valve dısasmble tool1 pcs USB Flash disk1 pcs